Monday, December 29, 2008

Steve Rack, Divine Health, Paul and JO!

Internet acquaintance Steve Rack was interviewed by a sweet online magazine called  New Sugar
Download it for free here .  

I got a wonderful selection of organic produce delivered today... delivered.  Yes, I said delivered. (for free) Divine Health Nutritionals in Seminole, FL.  Check them out... they carry everything your heart could desire. (that's found in a grocery/health food store)  So if you haven't already looked them up to place an order... do it! (That is... if you live near me...)  

3 cheers for new friends Paul and Jo who are sailing to Marathon, FL Keys and then on to the Bahamas.  Their boat is a blue water vessel and has already circumnavigated... sailed around the globe... around this Earth of ours.  They weren't sailing her at that time... but hey, they know she is sea worthy.  They set sail today from Anna Maria island, FL... with some oranges and homemade chocolate chip cookies from us.  (we had to give them something!!!)  Both are Vets and a big thank-U to all those serving in our Armed forces!  

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for the shout out. New Sugar ask the weirdest questions. lol

I like your recent post with your mail art.