Sunday, December 14, 2008

St. Augustine and turkey pot pie

It's been a busy Sunday. I'm waiting for the turkey pot pie to be done already and arguing with Lulu about why she needs to take a shower... I hate making pie crusts... I also am not fond of clay. But, I found a new crust recipe that calls for 1/4 cup of vodka and that makes it much more manageable. The vodka burns off so no one is buzzing after dinner... really a 1/4 cup divided by 10 would probably not do much.

St. Augustine was a lovely city. The drive through Orlando was a monster and the traffic added almost 2 hours to my drive time! UGH. Thankfully the kids were watching Wall-E. Lulu only said, "Are we there yet?" three times. My friend Teri graduated from Flagler's graphic design program. She came in second in her class. I think she should of been first! The girl that got first place touted her paint chip mini-booklets. Really Richard Canard has been using paint chips in his art for years. See the mail art blog if you don't believe me! HA! Friday morning we got up early, packed up our things, checked out, had a HORRIBLE breakfast at the Ramada in the historical district of St. Augustine. It was so gross. How can you screw up hash browns and eggs?? We met with some of our friends and headed to the more historical--historical district of St. Augustine. I think it was 40 degrees outside and the wind was chilling me to the bone. Still I thought the kids must see the oldest house in America, the oldest school and the Castillo de San Marcos. We found a cute cafe called the Bunnery where the kids sipped on hot chocolate and nibbled on a cinnamon roll.

I'm really into the whole National Park Passport book. Everywhere you visit that is a National Park you can get a stamp to commemorate your visit. This trip we got the Castillo de San Marcos stamp and then 14 miles south, the Fort Mantanzas. Both are National Monuments. Both built by the Spanish. We have been studying American history in our homeschool and have learned all about the Spanish explorers and settlers. This was a nice "bring history to life" trip.
We had a lovely lunch with friends at a restaurant that was named something about... Mayans... The food was delicious. I had the black bean soup and soft bread. I also got a smoothie to go for the car ride home... Lulu got the guacamole, Tommy and Ben shared a cheese quesadilla. Seemed like mexican fare but nothing deep fried and they also had organic options on the menu. It was quaint and I really liked it... so you'd think I would of wrote down the name??!!

Leo Laporte is giving all his tech guy advice on the radio. I like listening even if I have no idea what he is talking about.

Friday night... two bowls of soup later, I was still chilled to the bone! I'm such a cold weather wimp. I'd never make it in Alaska or North Dakota... MN... Canada, eh?!

I went on a search today for turtle neck shirts for the boys. Last year I bought them at Target but this year I have not seen them. I also looked at Penney's, Kohl's, Burlington Coat Factory, Children's Place and the Gap... NO boy turtlenecks! I did find a few girl turtlenecks at the the Gapkids... but that's it!

I need to go check the turkey pot pie...

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Teri said...

I googled my name and graphic design-- and this popped up. ;) hehe! thanks, Jennifer, for thinking I should have gotten first place. ! :D