Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Days Until Chromatophore!

Test Tower gives Chromatophore a shout out and also posts my latest piece to him... See it HERE. Can you imagine... only 10 more days until the opening of Chromatophore? 4 more days until Art in Your Ear! HERE IS A LINK TO LISTENING TO ART IN YOUR EAR FROM WHERE EVER YOU ARE ON EARTH! You might remember that last year for the first mail art show--we had our show at the Globe Coffee Lounge in St. Petersburg FL. Well, JoEllen Schilke, owner of the Globe, is also the host of a local art radio program. There is a lot I can say about JoEllen but the thing that sticks out in my mind--the most--is that she is a top notch person. She is the real deal--practicing what she preaches. So if you are in St. Petersburg you should check out her home cooking--and it's good for you--here is a LINK to her site. So remember to listen on Friday and if you can't check out the podcast! Coralette Damme--The Crafty Hag--will also be joining me on the radio show. So you get two mail arters for the price of one! Coralette also works for Studio 620 so she will have all the insider Studio info! Here is a link to Coralette's WORLD.

So this week should be one filled to brim... I have to get my 3 crumbcakes ready for school... you know the drill.... school supplies, new underwear and perhaps jeans long enough for CC #1's long growing legs! You know if middle school boys have to wear pants. At the rate he grows I'll be buying new jeans every other month...
I have to clean my house so that Gina Lotta Post has a nice place to stay when she is here for Chromo!
And the rest my friend is a secret--if you want to know... come to the mail art show opening on August 27th at the Studio @620!

Must go now and hope your week is fabulous!

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