Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free Art Friday, Mail art and Chromo

I participated in "Free Art Friday". I don't know why I did it... releasing my art into the unknown... not knowing if someone will pick it up to love or just toss it or what...??? I left her with the tag in the photo... with my info. No response and if they didn't respond already--they probably won't. ha!

I was on Art In Your Ear hosted by JoEllen Schilke. Last year when I was really down with stuff... she listened and offered help. JoEllen is a shelter in the storm of life. She owns and runs and cooks for...the Globe Coffee Lounge--a great little hang out in downtown St. Petersburg. She is a blend of art, music and good food. Anyway--none of that has to do with Art In Your Ear... so JoEllen is also the host of the Art In Your Ear show... on 88.5... public radio! She wears many hats. Coralette, Tommy and I headed over to Tampa and we got their a little too early. You can never judge Tampa traffic. Tommy made friends with the receptionist... I chatted away nervously to Coralette... telling her random things about my life. I'm sure she was just thrilled! She was as cool as a cucumber. Then Jorge walked in the door with his latest protoge. He and her were going on after us pitching the latest project for the Morean arts center. I listened to their bit later and I still can't figure out what it's about. I'll have to listen again. JoEllen led us into the radio studio. I sat in a high office chair with a giant microphone in my face. Then the bumbling began... I was running on adrenaline. Who knows what I said about mail art. Tommy did well and was short and to the point when answering questions. You never know what a kid is going to say but he did well. Coralette has a knack for giving the right answers--she was made for interviews. I don't think she was nervous at all! All I really wanted to say was "Hi Mom," "Testtower are you out there?" and "Courside Grille donated 3 gift cards!!" JoEllen wasn't about to let any of that happen... she led me down a path of questions and answers like picking up a bread crumb trail. It was easy--she made it that way. And all that nervousness seemed a bit wasted. Radio interview--a first for me. This has been a year of firsts. Chromatophore is going to be a smashing success. I can taste it. It's all downhill from here--even hanging the show... I know that I haven't told them (Studio 620) what or how the show is going to look... but I see it, I know it, I feel it... and on Wed. when we hang--it will all come together. And it's going to be something that all the contributors and viewers are going to love.

Today I did this doodle--self portrait--I was looking in the passenger vanity mirror while driving to church. I hadn't had time to draw in a few days and was going through some withdrawals. So I started working on this piece and will send it out as mail art. I like the piece...

Just one more thing... Podpost's book, "Good Mail Day." is AWESOME. It really gives some great guidelines, rules, advice, how-tos for mail art. It's an amazing book. A piece of my art is on the cover and I'm on page 115. Buy it on Amazon. It's a great book--you'll love it. And I'll sign my page if you want me too. HA HA HA HA!!

Who am I anyway?

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