Thursday, August 13, 2009

332 Pieces of mail art....

I made my list of mail artists yesterday. I'm working on compiling the mail art data. For now--Richard Canard has sent 67 pieces. That's an utterly amazing amount. I'm starting to work on the program but it's something that has to be done last minute... as I'm adding those donating to the show to the program and donations are still rolling in. I'm so happy for the business owners and artists who have committed themselves to making this show a success. I am not selling any of my Chromatophore collection. Studio 620 is letting me use their space for free--of course they'll be reaping the benefits of the "opportunity table"--where I will raffle away the donations--gift cards and gift baskets and original art--that I've gone around and begged for... Fund raising is one hard job. Even businesses that have money don't want to donate because once they say yes to one person they feel like they have to say yes to everyone. So they don't want to open that door. I don't blame them. But I have to say--the majority of the places I asked--are places that I frequent and have spent money. To me, that seemed fair in my mind. If I could say--"hey, I eat here or shop here all the time, I've invested in you, could you invest in me?"--seemed fair. Plus I'm the kind of person--if I like your business--I tell more than 10 people. And this blog doesn't count cause only 3 people are reading it. lol.

My niece has the swine flu.

Creative Loafing's Best of the Bay voting is up... and I know this because artists are already making their pleas on facebook. So I'll do the big eye roll and say please don't vote for me. GAG. I may beg you to come to the Chromatophore show, to donate something for the "opportunity table" but I won't be as self serving to ask you to vote for me for any popularity contest. I also won't create a facebook fan page--I mean what is that? Unless you're really a star... unless you have stalkers--I don't think you need a fan page. *chortle* I voted for best artist and I voted for Hugo Porcaro. Hugo is involved in so many projects and only more to come. Plus he's a mail artist... and i'm kinda fond of that breed. Plus he's not asking anyone to "vote" for him.

Art in Your Ear-- -- hosted by JoEllen Schike is on Fridays at 1pm on WMNF 88.5. I hope you listen next week as I will be on the show for Chromatophore. If you don't catch it live they do have podcasts on their website. I'm nervous. I hope you listen every week cause JoEllen is just a great gal and wonderful art host. I'm sure you can find a few categories to vote for her in the Best of the Bay. I know I did!

So... having friends tout your goodness--wonderful.
Touting your own goodness--not so much.

And really what does it really matter--we have swine flu to worry about.

So I was thinking about that post that I just wrote... and yes I agree with what I said (look ma, I'm having a convo with myself) but on the other hand--what is this blog, my facebook, my etsy, etc--what is it? Self promotion. So I don't blame anyone for wanting to be the best artist or whatever in the Bay. And although I find the whole asking for votes thing a little pompous--how would people know to vote for you?? I imagine that unless you are really into Creative Loafing you may not even know about the their "Best of." Artists have to do promoting... just like movies have to have trailers. It's all a part of the game. A game that makes me feel uncomfortable most of the time--but still it's the game.

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