Sunday, August 9, 2009

I just keep painting...

I was a busy girl today. Worked on a poster for the Chromo show and also some small pieces to possibly sell. Tomorrow I will go print some posters at Office Depot... and then my next giant task is the Chromo program. I talked to Ginny Lloyd for a long time today--she has volunteered to help me with a few aspects of the show and also dontate a book she wrote to the raffle. We are also going to do a mail art performance piece. You are the first person that I've told. It should be exciting and real San Fran Fluxus like. Look out St. Petersburg!!!!!! I'm so excited to meet Ginny in person--she was such a delight and I liked listening to her stories of the original Correspondence School players. Mail art opens doors--it has given me a chance to send and receive art from people all over the world. People who are connecting with other people is a beautiful thing to me.

Lulu was much better today but too weak to leave the house. She got lively about 5 pm. She started working on a little painting and I knew she was on the road to recovery. She said she was painting a "Cherie form." She described it as a woman with wings. It's funny the things that kids say and do.

This weekend I'm going to be at a Jewish Synagoge : Ben Yehuda Market Place, 1325 S. Belcher Rd, Clearwater, FL 33764, Sunday AUg 16th from 1-4. You can come see me there if you want! I'm not sure how this sale will go... I've never done anything like it. Hopefully I'll make my entry fee back... UGH. Heather--a friend of mine since high school--told me about the event. She does Dove chocolate home shows and donated a chocolate martini gift basket to the Chromo raffle. Local crafters don't share much info with me at all. Except for one: Calan Ree--she is a fabulous jewelry maker--she works in clay and metal and makes some groovy stuff... read her blog HERE. She also sells on etsy--look her up . She's a one-of-a-kind original!

I am still not sure if craft shows are the route I should be taking--they keep me working on merchandise and I wonder if this is art that I am making or crafts. What I want to be doing is painting with oils and drawing detailed portraits. And my mail art--I want to be doing that too as it connects me to life. I guess I'll figure things out. And then there is this mail art show... making me busy and a little stressed out. (understatement) Oh, and you better be there...

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