Saturday, September 6, 2008

ANGST defeated?

For all the crap I gave myself over the last couple of days... everything worked out beautifully. The show at the Arts Center was wonderful. I was so NERVOUS. I hunted around the galleries until I found my piece. There she was in all her glory. I was able to be a fly on the wall... and could hear strangers commenting on it. This in itself was really neat since there were so many people and so many works of art--I was thrilled that people were looking at it. I even heard two girls discussing the painting in a real art critic way. Blows my mind. Yet, do you think I'll have the same nerves next time. Yes, I will because it's the nature of putting yourself "out there." It will always come with nerves and tension. I talked to a former art teacher last night. He's a professional artist. He says he still has that nervous jitter. A friend of mine, Jorge said, "Jennifer Zoellner, I've been hearing good comments about your painting all day!" It was a highlight of my night. I know I'm a small drop of dew in a sea of artists but I'm still happy. (in a sort-of lunatic way...) Photos to come...

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