Saturday, September 20, 2008

OH what a night!

Had a lovely evening at the Gulfport art walk. Usually we go for the visual art but tonight we went for the music! Rebecca Zapen played a delightful array of mostly her own tunes! She is fabulous! Check her out at: You can also look her up on myspace and utube. We brought all three of our crumb cakes and two extra morsels! So that's five kids enjoying the music from the porch! I met some other delightful ladies tonight--Goody of who does her own i-net radio show and Toula Bonie who is a violinist for the Florida Orchestra. I won't mention that Toula used to babysit Rebecca! IT's a small world isn't it? A small and sometimes absolutely Delightful world. Thank you lovely ladies for gracing our evening!

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