Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jellyfish and lone sunsets

Tonight I ventured to my favorite beach alone. I did something on the lavish side and got a mint chocolate chip milk shake from my favorite sweet shop. They don't make the best sundaes or milk shakes but they have location, location, location. The kid who works there finally cut his hair. The full mane is down to a marine look. It looks much better. He was getting lost in those curly locks. It's amazing how much more masculine he looks too. Would I look more feminine with longer hair? If I could just get over that in-between stage I would do it--forsake the Aveada teaching salon--which I love so much. At the beach alone. It was nice to be alone--to be happy to be by myself. I sipped and crunched my mcc milkshake. I watched the waves, the gulls, terns, sand pipers, pelicans. I decided to go into the water and I really wanted to swim. I was in about chest high when I saw a weird do-nut shape floating in the water... I swam-walked over to it to see it was a jellyfish and that it was deflated in the middle. I'm guessing it was dead as later I saw them littered all over the beach like unwanted breast implants. I drew a few of them in my sketch book. I did not know if they were the stinging variety. It was one thing to be enjoying life at the beach alone and yet another to be stung by a jellyfish all alone. Really that is not what got me out of the water... it was the something huge that jumped right next to me... it was a huge splash. Perhaps it was just a mullet but I wasn't going to wait and find out. I was out of the water to settle into a little place in the sand to rest my soul. I was actually chilled by the breeze and I wrapped my towel around me. I drew the jellyfish, the gulls, the clouds. I made peace with the setting sun and wondered why. I wish I knew how to tell if a jellyfish was alive. One couple attempted to throw some of them back to sea. I don't know why she thought that throwing a jellyfish 5 feet into the waves would really help it's plight. Still, it's the thought that counts.

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