Monday, September 22, 2008

Cancer and Cobb salad

I made our favorite dinner--cobb salad. It's an easy meal and healthy if you leave out the bacon. I always use turkey bacon since I don't eat the other white meat! This weekend was crazy for me. I didn't know weather to go to IL to visit my aunt or stay home. I ended up staying home and then felt really bad when I heard that she was asking for me. She is at the end of her cancer journey. I so hate cancer. So hate it. Today she seems to be doing better but I don't know if it's really better or just cancer's sick little joke. Two things make me happy these days--creating art--and going to the beach for the sunset. Both are one-of-a-kind events in my life. Today I rec'd a letter from Richard Canard. I think he's a pretty cool mail artist. He said i was a "breath of fresh air." I don't know exactly what that means. If you like fresh air--i guess it's good. If you are a dorito breath liker--then probably not. ha ha. I don't eat doritos. I don't eat at McDonalds. I don't smoke, do drugs. I'm trying to be healthy cause I've got the cancer gene. Did you know there was one? I don't even have to have the test--I know i have the cancer gene. I don't want to fear cancer. I want to fight it. I want to make as much art as possible now. I want to leave something behind--even if it's just a letter in a mail box.
Here are more photos of Saturday night... enjoying a free concert at Gulfport!

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