Tuesday, September 2, 2008

day in the life

  • wake up
  • get out of bed
  • drag myself to the bathroom
  • (I guess you thought I was going to drag a comb across my head!)
  • Brush teeth and other duties, get dressed
  • downstairs for email check and a bowl of organic purely Os
  • Yell to the kids to 1)get dressed 2)eat breakfast 3)start homeschool at 9am
  • Homeschool... which means monitoring the kids in all there schooly duties...
  • reading, writing, rithmatic, science, chemistry, (yes--we are often doing two sciences), and such
  • Special days we have Chem or American History (alternating weekly)
  • Then time for... running to Nature's finest, Publix, Jo-Ann Fabrics, the printer, the Globe, the man who sells stamps, art museums, beach, napping, making lots of groovy art or mail art.
  • 5 PM Eat DINNER
  • 5:45 Do dishes and clean-up dinner
  • Clean up around the house
  • Ted puts the kids to bed and READS to them--hopefully that book on THINKING that I gave him.
  • Then I have some MMEEEE time... sewing, painting, writing my zine... drawing.
  • 8 PM or SO perhaps a movie with Ted, perhaps time alone, perhaps we'll read to each other.
  • And that's it. That's average day and I like it.

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