Friday, January 9, 2009

fun for all... Por la Mar 4

Smithsonian Postal Museum in Washington D.C.  --a neat online exhibit of stamps!  

Hello friend.  Or perhaps two friends... Anyway answered prayers today.  Two friends going through possible trials have been spared thus far.  Thank you God.  

This weekend is the Visual Aids show in NYC.  My first minor flash of art in the big apple... it blows my mind.  Even to think that I'm one of 1500 artists is kind of cool to me.  I'm happy to be a minnow in a sea of tunas.  Or perhaps I'm a sperm in the middle of a sea of whales... anyway you get the picture.  All too vividly I'm sure.  Sorry.  

It's been an exciting week for me.  I finished Por la Mar Zine #4 this week.  It's a little zine I write just for the fun of it and sell it on Etsy.  Perhaps I have another outlet to sell it in... maybe... I'm not sure what I want to do.  

Next weekend is the opening of the Miniature Art Society show in Dunedin, FL... Dunedin Art Center me thinks...  We also signed up to meet Peter Max at the Arts Center in St. Petersburg... so it will be a booked weekend.  My two miniature pieces are not that thrilling... but hey a show is a show... ??? The piece that I really liked wasn't even accepted! Thus is life.

I think I'll stick to mail art... everyone loves a mail artist... ha.  Hey, I got my first add and pass today... I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do... ??? HELP! 

Nighty night. 

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