Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Go see the Christopher Still exhibit

Christopher Still at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art... The crumbcakes and I went to the show today. It was fabulous. He is a magnificent artist... And hard to believe that January 25th--the last day of his show will also be the last day that the Gulf Coast Museum of Art will be open. They will be closing their doors--perhaps opening in a "better location". We hope so. How could we let this art museum go?? How could it of happened? What makes or breaks a museum? We've driven a number of times from South St. Pete to Largo to see shows there... we've paid the fees for tickets, we've bought the programs... we've couldn't of been the only ones... I hope all of you go to this show... take time see the museum one last time, take the journey into the mind of Christopher Still.

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