Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, Inauguration day!

They Might BE Giants video.

What's shakin' at 3:30 am?  Gonna be a big day today--huge, monumental.  Trying to decide where we are going to watch the inauguration.  Should we venture out to a viewing party or should we watch it on the internet?  Seeing my dislike of large crowds and political events... we may just stay home and the fact that the weatherman said last night that it was going to be cold, cold, cold today.  I suddenly feel like there are not enough clothes in the world that could warm my chilled bones.  

I started working on some artist trading cards last night featuring Gretchen my favorite rag doll girl.  I love her.  I think they turned out fabulous and are much better than previous trading cards that I've made.  (why?  they are much more original--more little me)  

Wii FIT... ouch, sore today.  You would think that pretending to hula-hoop couldn't pain you too much... not so.  I was not a believer and now I am.  I was not lost and now I am not found. I will not begin to list the places of my soreness.  I didn't properly stretch afterwords... I thought, "Stretch?  Is this really exercise?"  Turns out trying to beat your cookie crumbs Wii records--after they are about a week ahead of you is... virtually impossible.  Still, I must try.  Ben has a future in ski jumping... that kid can soar on skis.  (And in real life news, Ben is a pretty great skier...)  I'm feeling the hope.  And, yes, it is exercise.  (in a non traditional, video game-type way).  

Speaking of hope and CHANGE--don't forget to Chromatophore... my mail art show--submissions due by 1 August, 2009.  I'm getting excited for the opening of the show... although no concrete time or place... I'm working on it... never worry, never fear, Robin Hood will soon be here... hiccup.  I bought a FABULOUS pendent on etsy last night.  It is a photograph of an octopus by photographer Elisa Lazo de Valdez. Her work is fantabulous.  To see more of her work click on the link at her blog.  

Remember the last time to visit the Gulfcoast Museum of Art is this Sunday.  And Christopher Still's work is definitely worth seeing.  

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