Sunday, January 18, 2009



I loved reading this newspaper article on Andrew Wyeth.  When I was in high school I bought a copy of the Helga Pictures. [The Helga Pictures] 
I studied it.  And on one of my moves from point a to b I got rid of it.  Andrew died last week at the age of 91.  He leaves behind not only his own legacy but that of his children and grandchildren who are also artists.  Heredity, environment or a little of both?

In contrast, I went to a Peter Max show last night at the Twist and Shout.  Perhaps Max is more like the Warhol "Whore"...  There were avid beanie baby collectors purchasing his prints up.  Although, as far as I know,--no one is really getting rich off of Beanie Babies... I'm just saying.  I'm sure the buyers really just like the Max and everyone likes the man of the hour.  And yes, I met him and had him sign a postcard--just for the history of it all.    

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dada said...

It is the best article on an artist I have ever read, so far. Seeing the art itself is often less than half the story. The gallery in which it is hung is the rest. How did it get there; what is happening; who else hangs in the gallery? It is truly a battle of ideas. Even Archimedes said "had I but another earth to stand on I could move this earth itself". You have strong footing, my dear. I believe you can move the world. In the end, only the artist can determine the worth of the art. You have the ideas,make them serve you. I'm sorry to have lost you but I will always believe in you.