Thursday, February 5, 2009


Cold wet nose... am I a healthy puppy?  It's cold out here.  Cold for my warm sunny Florida. I had a wonderful strange day.  I was out of my routine.  And I liked it.  Had friends over for lunch.  Took a trip to the Arts Center.  Ran into JoEllen there which was such a pleasant surprise.   I started taking photos with Diana.  She is white and black and a light weight.  She's also made in China.  I like her anyway.  We'll see how our pictures turned out.  I took one pic of JoEllen and I'm hoping that one turned out.  JoEllen reminds me of my Aunt Cindy.  Not just looks but personality too.  They say everyone has a twin.  I'd be happy to be like either one of them.  I had a twin in high school.  He was a boy and rather freaked that everyone said that we looked alike.  It didn't help when the teachers said it too.  

I made my first official faux stamp... with the special pre perfed sticky paper.  It's  a Ray Johnson tribute stamp.  My friend Teri actually made it... with my ideas, pics--she was teaching me how to use Photoshop and InDesign... I can't wait to try it myself... with a different image.  I'm hoping Diana will help me with some neat photos... and we can get this life on the road.  Did you ever see the movie FUR?  Perhaps a camera and a will to live will set me free. I'm half way there.  

I went to Target tonight.  I bought a bunch of tiny metal mailboxes... I'm going to use them for gift bags for Lulu's 6th birthday party this Sunday.  Stop by if you want.  Just bring a gift or some food if you are not RSVPing.  It's probably not fair that I have a mail art theme... I just couldn't resist those mailboxes... they even have flags! Now I have to figure out something to put in them... perhaps cookies??  

I am chilling to Oren Lavie.  His voice is very relaxing to me.  Like I want him to whisper in my ear.   Well gotta go do wii-fit. Cause I gotta get fit... and do the hula-hoop.  Oh, we saw hula hoops in Target tonight.  Lulu wanted me to buy one for her birthday... but Granny already did! SHH! Don't tell her.  I did buy her the pretend high heel shoes.  Which she then asked if she could wear them to church... and I said no.  I have to draw the line somewhere.  She keeps asking me when she can wear high heels... whose girl is this?  She actually says, "WHen I'm 10?" Oh my... who knows.  I'm not prepared for this line of questioning... come on my little crumb cake... be a baby for a little while longer. 

wii fit I'm coming... 

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