Monday, February 9, 2009


Tuesday at 2 p.m.. Tomorrow at 2, two things will happen... first of all my first Diana negatives will be ready to pick up.  And the second thing... I'll be in marriage counseling.  The whole time I will be wondering how my pics turned out... if they even turned out.  What incredibly bad timing.  Then after marriage counseling... depending on how it went... if it goes well we'll go out to eat to discuss our finer points... if it goes badly we'll race home in solitude... either way--doubtful that I'll get to go pick up my pics.  So it probably won't be until Wednesday.  Which is like saying that your birthday is a day later--and there is chance that no one will remember you... (the pics may not have turned out at all...)  No matter how you look at any of these situations... I'll probably be back to the drawing board.  

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