Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sunday not a day of rest.  I've been a painting fool today... finished 3 pieces that are 4X4" for a show in Arizona somewhere.  They'll be off on Tuesday or Wednesday when I'm sure that the glue is dry.  I really like the pieces... I'll photography them and perhaps post them... To do, to do.  My sister is pressuring me to take the kids to the fair tomorrow... it should be fun?? Exhausting.   Plus I'm babysitting the Maverick tomorrow... I used to call him my little monkey but everyone frowned upon that name.  So Maverick it is... plus--it's so cool to be a maverick.  Think Top Gun not McCain.  Although McCain was against the latest, "I want to give my friends a million billion dollars... bail out bill."  Now imagine an almost 3 year old who is just so adorable that you gotta pinch his little cheeks--but he doesn't like that at all... that's my maverick!  

tonight is date night! Woo-Hoo... a night on the town... I'm voting for Sangria.  I'll be wearing my best button eyes.  I bought a darling pair of shoes today at the Goodwill... for $4! Goodwill rocks and they are open on Sundays! I bought a bunch of something else... but I'm waiting to see if that project is going to pan out for me... Experimental art... or should I say a little art experiment. 

I have 4 packages to mail tomorrow... and I just can't even think straight... My aunt is going in for a ten hour surgery tomorrow.  I want to send her a care package... she'll be recovering for 3-6 weeks.  I have some things gathered together... just gotta find some more gems!   When I send a package... I like it to be an adventure... a treasure hunt of sorts but easy, no map, no counting steps... just pure joy of unwrapping something totally sweet.  (or salty...)

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