Saturday, February 14, 2009

Other mother?

Coraline... masterpiece of the miniature... but for the crumbcakes... we won't be peacefully sleeping for weeks.  It was a bad choice to take them.  I reassured them after the movie that public school wouldn't be any easier.  I'm so getting the pressure to not send my kids to public school next year... but, that's another selfish little story... Visit the Coraline website to see how they made the stop action flick... you have to go down the well.  I guess giving myself button eyes is not going to make this whole nightmare thing go away... thankfully they don't read the blog.  I did make a flower and named it after my cookie crumb.  Perhaps a little morbid.  Did you know that there is a lady who knits with tiny needles to make Coraline's sweater?  Simply amazing.  And the moral of the story... be happy with the parents that you got... you could have a "other mother" who is actually a witch-spider who wants to eat you.   Are you scared yet??

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