Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday again

This morning I got up at 6:30 a.m., took a shower... got dressed, the usual, headed downstairs to work on some art... and this is what came out... a mosquito carrying away a mail box.  The mail box is a rubber stamped image--the rest is JENNIFER ZOELLNER! :-)  I'm sending this piece to David Berube and his bug mail art call.  Nothing gets the day off to a better start than a few minutes to drift into art mode.  

The sketch book project 3 brought to you by... ArtHouse Coop... here is my arthouse web address:  weeklyhoot .   It's like a little nest of moleskin birdies all cheeping cause spring is coming and the books are migrating now that it's warming up... Art House Gallery is based in Atlanta and they do art calls.  For a fee you can enter their shows.  Some of their shows travel throughout the U.S. and others are made into books... I find it to be totally fun.  Their website is a virtual community of artists.  You can view pages from the sketch books and artists online portfolios.  So if you click on that weeklyhoot link above you will see... most of my sketchbook pages and also a few other pieces in my online portfolio.  

I'm really hungry today... It must be that time of month to eat... yikes.  #3 cookie crumb has been writing some birthday thank you notes... and she said, "The taste of the thing you lick is so good..."  Yummy envelope glue... She made me lick one.  It wasn't too bad.  It had a slightly sweet flavor... wonder what I was really licking...??? I don't want to know.  

Spring 09 Por la Mar zine... If you have any OBSESSIONS you'd like to share... I'll include them in the zine.  If you don't want your name printed... let me know.  Leave your obsession in the comment section here or email them to me or send them.  Many thanks cause I know you're going to jump on the chance to be in the world famous zine.  (my little world that is...) 

Happy Thursday and all that means to YOU! 

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