Sunday, February 8, 2009

a day with out art is tiring.

Hello. Today was Lu lu's birthday and party. It was a simple affair and Granny made cake and cupcakes. We played Bingo and the prize was organic jelly beans... I bet you didn't know they made such things. I also had the kids decorate those little mail boxes with permanent markers and stickers... they turned out nicely. We had lunch... complete with organic lemonade... She got some presents like clothes and Barbie rig-a-ma-role. She needed the clothes as she is growing like a weed. The Barbie she got has flat feet and smaller boobies. What's that about? I guess she's a "skipper."

Top photo is a painting I've been working on... the colors are much more washed out than the real thing. Not quite sure where I'm going next with it. If anywhere. ???

ohohhhh tomorrow is art class... a couple of hours away from home... i can't wait. After a week with the kids by myself 24-7 I'm ready for a BREAK. Before I break. "The thunder makes her contemplate... Perhaps a letter with a dove? Perhaps a stranger she could love."

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